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Cab Service in Plano

If you live in Plano, Texas or when business or pleasure takes you there, you may need a cab to get from place to place. You will want a cab service in Plano that will get you where you want to be on time and at fair rates. You also expect that the cab itself will be in good condition, well-maintained and driven by a professional and courteous driver.

At Cowboy Cabs, we understand these expectations and we go all out to meet them. We are a Dallas taxi cab company that has built a reputation of being the most reliable in the Dallas/ Fort Worth community that we serve. We were humbled and even more motivated to do better with the recent award of Most Requested Cab Service from the Dallas Hospitality Industry.

Apart from giving customers the quality of service they expect, we also give back to the community. In the 28 years we have been in business since we started in 1984, we have built a fleet of more than 300 cabs. In this fleet, we have 60 cabs that are NGCs. This mean natural gas cabs. It is our way of giving back to the community by doing what we can to reduce our carbon print to preserve the environment. We were the first North Texas cab service in Plano and surrounding cities to go green with our cabs.

Another initiative we have taken to serve our clients better is to keep up with technology. We understand that time is precious and we don't want to waste our clients time with them looking in the Yellow Pages a for cab service in Plano. Our cabs can be ordered via an app that can be downloaded onto any Android or iOS device. With the way2ride taxi app, you only need to enter your pickup and drop off locations, select the car you want from a sedan, minivan or station wagon and it will be hooting at your door in a few minutes thanks to computerized dispatch. You can use the app to order a cab for immediate or future use such as when you will be arriving at Plano from another location.

We are also tech-savvy when it comes to payments. First of all, we have made sure that there will be no haggling about the amount payable by setting fixed rates. Then, we have used technology to make it quick and easy to pay by making it easy to swipe your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card in the backseat. You can also pay in cash.

Apart from offering cab service in Plano, we serve the surrounding cities in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex as well. Call on us to get you where you need to go; you will not be disappointed.

Do you want to know more about our cab service in Plano?
Contact Cowboy Cab Company at (214) 428-0202 for more information.

About Cowboy Cab

Cowboy Cab Company Inc, is a family owned and operated taxi company which began in 1985. Cowboy Cab Company Inc. has remained under the same private ownership for the past 28 years and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth community.


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